Get your property ready for sale

We have rebranded! Previously known as White Swallow, now we operate under a new name and new concept. Read more in our About page.

What we do
Property preparation consultation
Includes on-site visit, detailed report and one last fine-tune appointment
Virtual home staging
The more affordable way to stage vacant houses
Smaller and bigger jobs as you need it
Colour consultation
To achieve the right mood and feel of a space
Home staging
Partial home staging for occupied homes
Home decluttering
To open the space and depersonalise the property
Furniture & accessories hire
To complement your property while it is on the market
Sale by owner marketing package
Includes photography and copy for your listing
Residential and commercial property maintenance
Flexible service depending on your needs
Home styling
Improving the feel and practicality of your home
Project managing
Taking care of all the additional services you might need
Spatial planning consultation
To create natural flow and improve the functionality of a property

Not in Perth? We do online property preparation consultations too!